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Blade & Soul JP Moonlight Blade Contact About Dragon & Tiger Flowchart ... Gem Slot. Gem Slot # 2: 3: 4: 5: 6 # of Legendary Hammer required: 3: 7: 11: 22: 30 ... Blade & Soul Support Here you will find the list of currently known issues within Blade & Soul. This list is not exhaustive and may not contain all issues found within the game. Blade & Soul Gem Types Introduction: How To Get BNS Gems Fast BNS Gems come with different shapes: Ruby, Citrine, Sapphire, Emerald, Amethyst, Peridot, Diamond. In Blade and Soul,weapon's stat bonuses can be added through the ... [Blade and Soul] Fast and Easy 6 Gem Slots for Your... -… The fastest way to get 6 gem slots on your weapon![Blade and Soul] How I farm Elysians, Moonstones, and Soulstones! - Продолжительность: 10:25 EvilDoUsHarm 12 979 просмотров.

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[3.5]Vaal Reave White Wind Champion Build - Odealo's Crafty Guide Jun 3, 2018 ... insane DPS, both single-target (Blade Flurry) and AoE (Reave); amazing ... Major God: Soul of Solaris 6% Physical Damage Reduction if there is only ... (single-target DPS, requires to replace Gems in the Body Armour slot). Shop - Granblue Fantasy Wiki

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Please stick with content related to Blade & Soul; ... General Gem Slots on Legendary Weapon (self.bladeandsoul) submitted 2 years ago * by eumeret. Hi everyone, It just seems wrong that you can go all the way to stage 10 and only get 3 slots and you open the fourth one. Now you have to spend ~50$ to just open two slots that for some people ... PSA: Add gem sockets as early as you can to your weapon ... Please stick with content related to Blade & Soul; ... General PSA: Add gem sockets as early as you can to your weapon (self.bladeandsoul) ... edit2: what should be my priority now, getting the 4th gem slot on awak. siren or getting the weapon to true pirate. (what are the costs for that after?)

Learn how to reach the level cap within 2 days with this Blade and Soul Strategy Guide by ... slot weapons won’t be able to level up characters ... Gems: Currently ...

Blade & Soul – Gems Guide | iTzDarkVoid Jan 20, 2016 · Gems are additional stat or damage boost that players can equip straight onto their weapon. Gems can be obtained through boxes, transmutations, profession or treasure boxes. The maximum numbers of Gem Slots currently is 4 that can be unlocked in the inventory menu. The initial few breakthrough of the Hongmoon weapon only have 2 slots… Blade and Soul - 8 Gem Slots Coming Soon - YouTube Oct 19, 2018 · Blade and Soul - 8 Gem Slots Coming Soon Jarke. Loading... Unsubscribe from Jarke? [Blade and Soul] A Complete Guide To Gems! - Duration: 13:48. EvilDoUsHarm 16,009 views.